SEO has become a dirty acronym. For something that offers incredible value and exceptional return on investment, the cowboys and offshore market have made this ‘black magic’ more of a curse, than a wonder.

But combined with a solid strategy and intuitive website, SEO can give you a steady flow of potential customers and brand visibility where people are paying attention.

Search engine optimisation Perth

We want to see results. How do you measure return on investment?

We’re as interested in the results as you are – true, qualified leads or sales; not people looking for a job through your contact form. We get the actual search volumes for your performing terms and present you with the results. Every action is followed up by careful measurement.

What about Google ads?

Google Ads can be your greatest method for generating new leads or a complete pitfall for your marketing dollar. We make Google Ads work for you.

We’re a small business, can we still work with you?

Whilst we’ve been fortunate to work with some notable brands, our award-winning work has spanned start-ups to large enterprises. Every client relationship is important to us.

We’re looking for a long-term partnership with an agency that will help us grow.

Perfect! As a human-centric agency, we believe in creating meaningful relationships with our partners and we find these engagements are the most beneficial.

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Through our partnership, we’ll work together to:

  • 01 Understand your problem
  • 02 Determine long-term vision and short-term goals
  • 03 Define your target market
  • 04 Audit your digital footprint and unearth opportunities
  • 05 Pick off the low hanging fruit
  • 06 Continually optimise your digital presence
  • 07 Measure, optimise and test

Juicebox takes a holistic approach to search, with minimal buzz words. We’re open and honest about Search Engine Optimisation. We’re not going to recommend it if it won’t bring in business.

We’re also honest about the results. We believe in continuous reporting and will give you the actual search volumes for your performing terms. You will know what pages are getting the best traction and where to keep investing.

When SEO strategy is supported by other brand-building activities, you will not only be found but actually chosen over your competitors.

Darren Harper, Digital Marketing Manager, Juicebox