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Current Opportunities

Senior Designer

We’re seeking a Senior Designer who thrives on taking deep dives with clients and providing an exceptional creative experience rather than just ticking off a list of deliverables. The role would suit someone who not only wants to design, but also mentor, direct and nurture relationships with clients, guiding them on their creative journey.

Senior Developer

Juicebox is seeking a motivated, forward-thinking Senior Developer with a logical mind, ready to tackle diverse web application projects across a range of industries. This role is relevant to someone who wants to push the boundaries and explore the future of technology. Experience in Laravel and/or React JS advantageous, however all tech stacks welcome.

Senior Account Manager

Juicebox is seeking an agency experienced, passionate and driven marketer to join our growing team. Work with big brands to develop and oversee holistic, marketing strategies in response to their business objectives.

Digital Strategist

We are seeking a person who craves the never-ending digital transformation and thrives on understanding every piece of a digital strategy – from user experience and journeys, channel performance and engaging content marketing strategies. Apply for more information.

What we look for


It must course through your veins like the mighty Atrato river. We want people who impact and inspire.


Any boring CVs will be pulped and used as confetti at the next office party.


You may be called to lead a cavalry charge. Ability to swing a broadsword is desirable.


An ability to interact with clients and work colleagues without drunken sailor-level profanity.


There’s no space in the office for ego. Nor is there space to hang a whale skeleton from the ceiling.


So we can afford to buy a larger studio to fit the superfluous whale skeleton we recently purchased.

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