Creating business efficiency is not only vital for growing a brand, but is a mandatory for businesses looking to get the edge on their competitors by creating unrivalled customer experiences.

Digital transformation is an important, but often under-invested step in the journey for many brands. The ability to reach and nurture new prospects, delight existing customers, and create internal accountability & efficiency is achieved through a carefully considered implementation of a CRM system.

Our team of talented strategists will collaborate with you to:

  • 01 Understand how your business operates
  • 02 Get to know who your audience is
  • 03 Visualise your sales and services processes
  • 04 Map out these touchpoints with your brand
  • 05 Design & replicate through workflows & automations in a CRM
  • 06 Set up essential business reporting dashboards
  • 07 Educate and onboard your team

Here's how our team of experts can help:


Through a whiteboard session with key stakeholders, together we’ll review and map out all current internal and external touchpoints with the customer, as well as the intent/purpose of each stage.


This mapping will allow us to understand internal workflows, as well as industry specific requirements such as technology stack, security, technical limitations & legal.


Having identified the inefficiencies in the business and armed with the customer journey map, we get to work on implementing and configuring the the CRM:


  • Add tracking scripts and forms to the website
  • Set up marketing automations and workflows
  • Create emails templates
  • Integration with Ad and Social platforms
  • Set up marketing and sales dashboards
  • Set up and configure custom fields and properties
  • Set and deal pipeline and triggers
Optimisation and Ongoing Support

We typically find that most clients need ongoing assistance in several areas. Executing this work ensures a strong acquisition funnel, an optimised process for getting leads to sales reps at the right time, and a world-class sales process to bring new customers into your company’s ecosystem.


With every new campaign and operational curve ball comes a need for adjustment and pivot from the original business direction. Continuous improvement through automation allows for your company to stay on the edge of innovation in the way it analyses data and engages with its end-consumers.

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Why Choose Juicebox for Your CRM Software Needs?


We’re a diverse team of planners, strategists, creatives, and full-stack developers. Our unique skill set empowers us to explore untapped areas of your business, driving solutions that yield real business outcomes.

In today’s digital-first landscape, brands can’t fully thrive with outdated systems. Be it marketing automation or sales enablement, effective CRM software demands a blend of strategic planning, technical expertise, and creativity to usher in digital transformation.

Embrace the potential of brand identity, digital marketing, and strategic planning with Juicebox. No challenge is too intricate, no business aspiration too ambitious.

Speak to one of our experts today.

Not only did Juicebox establish and overhaul our CRM solution, they have continued to build, optimise and deliver value through automation and transformation that has taken Easi to new heights

Jason Vosloo, Easi