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Darren explains how

SEO will lead to ROI, not NFI

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Image Caption: A healthier bottom line as a result of a solid return on investment into SEO.
Key Insights
  • A Step Forward SEO - Thorough research and planning ensure customer satisfaction.
  • The strength in our SEO offering lies with the people that deliver it.

We work with a wide range of clients, solving problems with solutions that seem as diverse as Dennis Rodman’s wardrobe.

From initial workshopping, through the minefield of naming, onto the reveal and rollout of new branding concepts, through to a sublime new website experience or kick-ass campaign creative, the inspiring moments that our agency is typically known for can come thick and fast.

We absolutely pride ourselves on producing work that inspires, but perhaps more importantly is our team’s understanding and recognition that individual parts are a sum of the whole. That everything we create is part of a larger integrated strategy focused on overall impact and effectiveness.

Which leads us to the unsung hero whose time has come. A character in our agency that is often overshadowed and certainly misunderstood. The quiet achiever that is capable of great things and the backbone of our performance culture.

Step forward SEO.

We often say to our clients that their website is the storefront to their business, and quite often clients will present to us with their ‘storefront’ looking like it’s copped the wrath of a brutal Perth winter storm.

There’s a couple of cracked windows (broken links), the fixtures and fittings are dated (average content), there are flickering lights (no page titles or H1 headings), and sometimes the power supply has been cut off altogether (Google penalty). Their reputation and standing on the high street suffer as a result (low domain authority).

The good thing is, this stuff can be easily fixed and continually improved upon, and our digital consultants take great pleasure in doing so. Sometimes we also get to build a new ‘storefront’ from the ground up. Thorough research and planning ensure that when the storefront opens, people can find it and have an amazing experience once there.

The strength in our SEO offering lies with the people that deliver it.

It’s not just the subject matter experts that put the strategy in place, it’s the award-winning copywriters that craft the keyword optimised, yet entertaining blog posts that help bring a brand to life and earn high rankings in Google. It’s the web developers that tinker in the backend and clean up the code and speed up the site – earning a tip of the hat from Google crawlers as well as giving website visitors a pleasant experience.

So while the wow factor with SEO might not be there straight off the bat, it does eventually come in the form of true business impact. It comes when we see double and triple digit growth in website traffic. When we see brand awareness grow off the back of a stronger presence in Google. And most importantly, a healthier bottom line as a result of a solid return on investment into SEO.

We are a Certified Google Partner, and recently won the 2020 AWIA National award for Search Engine Optimisation Effectiveness.