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How Easi scored record growth with HubSpot

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Easi have been established for 30 years as a provider of Novated Leasing, a tax effective method of running a vehicle. With complex backend software and systems in place, combined with a relatively intricate sales and customer support process, it quickly became apparent that a more robust and sophisticated CRM was required to help take the company to the next level, to help deliver on the ambitious growth objectives of the client.

What was Juicebox asked to do?

The existing CRM had limitations. A lack of features, scalability, insightful marketing and sales dashboard reporting, and custom integrations led Juicebox to make the decision to explore alternative CRM solutions that could help deliver enhanced sales accountability, marketing automation and develop a robust ecosystem that facilitated integration between sales, marketing and service departments.

Beginning with a deep-dive discovery, we were able to clearly articulate what Easi were actually trying to achieve; aligning this ambition with their predefined growth objectives to create a detailed scope of works for implementation.

After a two month implementation process and a regimented internal development period, we overhauled Easi’s entire sales operation by implementing:

  • Automation of leads populating into HubSpot through new deal workflows that integrated with various websites, online tools & calculators and iPad entry for on-site presentations
  • Automating sales consultant distribution of leads through a round-robin
  • Accountability processes to redistribute stagnant leads through targeted alerts if the consultant wasn’t acting fast enough
  • Automating the sending of e-mails and SMS on the behalf of the consultant when they couldn’t reach the lead 
  • Integrating CRM with their custom quoting software Catch-e through an API to avoid duplication of details and create efficiency for the consultants
  • Triggering re-lease workflows based on time based parameters, automating pipeline stage shifts and notifying customers
  • Crafting and entering leads into various nurture campaigns to maintain contact and awareness
  • In-depth sales reporting dashboards for full transparency and accountability

All of these changes amounted to nothing more than complete digital transformation for the business.


HubSpot feature utilisation

  • Multiple deal pipelines
  • Social channel integration
  • Paid ads integration
  • Forms
  • Calendars
  • eDM builder
  • SMS integration
  • Aircall phone calling integration
  • Multiple dashboard reports
  • List segmenting
  • Landing page development
  • 50+ workflows developed
  • Property management and creation
  • Custom API integration


The impact

Through higher levels of accountability, faster responses, more touch points and greater efficiency Easi recorded three consecutive record months in sales.

This was just the beginning. After ensuring the house was in order we implemented a vast range of digital campaigns and tools to fuel the digital marketing strategy, these included;

Novated Lease calculator linking in with the API from their quoting software:

  • Salary packaging calculator
  • Fuel savings calculator
  • Car specials

These lead generation tools worked perfectly in driving traffic from search and social, combined with the marketing automation capabilities in HubSpot, we observed an increase in leads and closure rates. 

Just 3 months after the HubSpot implementation, Easi had back-to-back-to-back record months for leads. 

record growth

What’s Next

With Easi realising the full potential of HubSpot for their company, Juicebox have again been engaged to rollout a similar, yet unique discovery, implementation and optimisation scope for their sister company – Kooya.