This is Fremantle

Bold and unapologetic. The side you might not always see, but the side you’ll want to see. We collaborated with some of Fremantle’s finest minds to create the city’s new destination brand, This is Fremantle.

The brand reveal was the culmination of a six-month strategy project we delivered in collaboration with the City of Fremantle and their ‘Destination Marketing Working Group’.

Our challenge was to distill a brand personality that was a bold and contemporary stake in the ground echoing the spirit, soul and intimate connection to the sea that Fremantle is famous for, whilst creating a visual aesthetic and tone of voice unique to Fremantle’s creative fabric and culture.

The statement ‘This is Fremantle’ was crafted not only as a bold pitch to potential visitors and business partners, but as a catch-cry that Fremantle natives could use proudly to represent their stories and their city.