Fortescue Future Industries

A brand built for the future of energy.

All brands have the power to make a difference. However, the scope of Fortescue Future Industries and their ability to transform the future is truly world-changing. Juicebox created the brand in collaboration with the FFI team and worked alongside a global agency partner to bring FFI’s narrative to life through video.

We guided the process involving multiple stakeholders from across the globe to find a unified vision for the brand and launch it on the international stage.

As a developer, financier and operator, FFI have committed to producing zero-emission green hydrogen from 100% renewable sources, with a vision to make it the most globally traded seaborne energy commodity in the world.

With this in mind, the brand was built around concepts of transformative, global sustainability. These territories guided us in making FFI feel as though it could belong amongst other energy giants while rising above them with an ecologically sound differentiation. Their bold ambition called for a versatile brand that represents their robust technical excellence and an “action, not promises” attitude.

Launched in May 2021, FFI are now pursuing clean energy projects around the world, powering a rapid global transition away from fossil fuels.