Shifting the conversation for a hands-on visionary by creating a compelling digital experience true to the brand.

NS Group came to Juicebox with a mostly complete brand deck ready to relaunch as Bridge42 with an entirely reimagined business philosophy. No longer content to be constrained by the transactional nature of project management, their new offering to the market would be broader, bolder and much, much bigger.

From function-first to purpose-led
We created a web experience and launch video to show that, while Bridge42 is more than capable in the technical and administrative aspects of projects, the purpose behind them is the positive impact on communities.

This wasn’t about a site for ‘maximising conversions’. The strategy from the get-go was to clearly communicate the brand position as one that stands out from the expected and showcases the work as top-tier in the global market.

Launching with a bang
The Juicebox film production team created the launch video to reveal the new name, brand and purpose to the world at a live event.

Overcoming challenges
Our client would be sharing the new positioning to the wider internal team and to the world through this digital experience and video. The foundations were mostly there, but how would they move and translate into the ‘real world’? We needed to think collaboratively and creatively about how to bring a brand to life; to amplify the concepts inherent in the new offering — not simply add splashy elements for the sake of them.

Convergence x Divergence
Teaming a copywriter and UX designer together proved to help nail the messaging hierarchy and flow of the website. We brought in a motion designer to activate the brand elements which brought in the dynamism, creating a side-scrolling experience that spoke to the movement forward the brand envisioned.

What we learned
Working with a collaborative client willing to have honest and candid conversations helped to move things along quickly — as did getting all stakeholders in a room to cut through red tape and avoid crossed wires. We were working primarily with four people very committed to taking this business into a new realm, a new chapter. Having visionary project managers on both sides of the client-agency team was a big plus in talking the same language.