Wesfarmers Art

The Challenge: To bring one of Australia’s largest private art collections to life as an engaging digital experience.

How do you create a compelling art gallery experience when COVID is keeping the world at home? We built a custom web solution featuring searchable pieces from The Wesfarmers Collection of Australian Art. A work of art in itself, it took a complete redesign of an outdated backend data management system, adding integrations to update the publicly viewable artworks on the newly designed site.

Digital representations of The Wesfarmers Collection of Australian Art have been carefully curated to offer a wide range of artistic styles and movements, from classic Australian landscapes to contemporary paintings, photography, sculpture, objects, and digital media.

Stylistically, the digital design replicates interlinked salon-style picture hanging. We refined the UX to mimic the exploration of a real-world gallery, as well as offering a search function to find specific artists, artwork or themes.

Built with a customised Laravel and CMS foundation, the Wesfarmers art curation team can now easily create new collections around a specific theme, with updates to the backend database reflected instantly in the frontend site.

High-resolution photographs are automatically compressed for fast online viewing, doubling as a safeguard from image duplication of digital originals.

Each work can be viewed up close, from a crisp, high-resolution fullscreen image to a detailed zoomable version that lets you scrutinise every brush stroke.