Financial certainty for all Australians. Working alongside TWD for over a decade meant that when they briefed us about a fundamental shift in their advice model, our response was intuitive and decisive.

A leading financial advisory firm based in Perth, The Wealth Designers had already transformed wealth management once before with their holistic, purpose-led methodology.

In looking to extend this offering out to people across the financial spectrum, TWD embarked on a journey to create newly defined tiers of service: TWD Essentials, TWD Advisory and TWD Private; as well as TWD Invest, portfolio advice available to clients and third parties; and TWD For Purpose, a unique philanthropic focussed advice offering.

The significant restructure led to the development of a monolithic ‘house-of-brands’ architecture, which allowed the business to clearly delineate their communication and ensure customers across all tiers could easily understand and navigate the business.

As a result of this strategy and the superior advice services from an outstanding team, TWD Australia was named the AFA Practice of the Year; a prestigious accolade which has helped to secure more clients and partnerships nationally.