Steel Blue

The Bassendean-born Steel Blue Boots is a wonderful West Australian story. We had the opportunity to help assist their digital keep pace with their meteoric rise as a quality supplier of work boots globally.

This was achieved through UX-focused product browsing functionality which was built on a platform that catered for ease-of-use in terms of the management of multilingual content and product variations.

Through strategic workshops, we identified all of the key users and their primary aims. This allowed us to design and build the website with not only the companies objectives in mind, but those of their main customer groups too.

The website contains a product and search management system which not only makes it intelligent in terms of search suggestions, but also lightning quick throughout. Additionally, we implemented a system which optimises all imagery based on the device users are viewing it on, even going so far as using machine learning to crop images to their relevant focal point without the administrator needing to decide.

Other key features of the website include a boot compare function, 360 degree product imagery, dedicated landing pages for campaigns, a completely unique version of the site for multiple regions, an administrator managed Find My Store tool and more.