Stadium Park

Uniting the diverse experiences available at Stadium Park into a brand that works across all ages and interests.

Stadium Park is the precinct that Optus Stadium sits within, operating 365-days a year. Juicebox was engaged by VenuesLive — who manage Stadium Park and the facilities at Optus Stadium — to develop a visual brand supported by purpose and positioning that give the precinct a greater ‘why’ behind its existence.

“To provide a place for Perth and its visitors where each and every experience is a highlight.”

The Challenge:
The underlying challenge was to compel people to visit Stadium Park on non-event days at Optus Stadium. With almost unlimited options for recreation, how do we show that the precinct caters to people’s craving for exceptional real-world experiences? With a captive audience for around 50 days of the year (AFL games, concerts, cricket and other events), we needed to make it equally as appealing for the other 300-odd days.

What we wanted to communicate with the visual language is that no experience is more important than any other. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting Optus Stadium with tickets to the AFL Grand Final, heading to The Camfield for Sunday lunch with your mates, or rollerblading with the kids by the river — each of those are equal highlights when it comes to the precinct.

Staying flexible is key
Juicebox worked with our client to compile a brief articulating that this needed to be a destination brand with appeal intrastate, interstate, internationally, and across all ages. It would need to be adaptable and digital-first to be applied to additional digital experiences planned for 2022.

The process began with research into other successful, dynamic place-making brands. With so many experiences on offer, flexibility was key, so we created dynamic framing devices with motion in mind, a vibrant colour palette, and assets based on key areas of the precinct that can be reshaped to fit whatever offering comes next.

A dynamic statement like this means messaging can be changed out to fit the experience and audience. The overall system and style guide allow for the VenuesLive internal comms team to use it with ease, staying on brand and on message without the frustration of having to touch base with an agency on every execution.

What we learned
An important part of making this brand come to life has been the rapport and trust between Juicebox and VenuesLive. We’ve continued to work closely with their team after creating the brand assets for Optus Stadium’s Ozone attractions, which also came online in early 2021.

Continuing to play
We helped Stadium Park soft-launch with a brand video ahead of their Christmas Festival and cricket season, part of a larger brand awareness piece planned for the coming year. We’re excited to be a part of what will fast become one of Perth’s premier precincts and tourist drawcards.

“I think the real success here is that we’ve managed to create something that ticks all of our client’s KPIs around usability, contemporary nature, and something delightfully unexpected.” — Anthony Nankervis, Creative Director