Shelter Brewing Co

Now pouring. This project transformed a bar napkin sketch into a bustling brewhouse and growing brand.

Like all good things, brewing takes time. The building of Busselton’s newest and largest brewery restaurant has been two years in the making. But before keg #1 was even a thought, we partnered with the team to build the Shelter Brewing Co. identity.

Shelter, alongside food and water, is one of the three basic needs of life. This concept of ‘the simple things’ would be key to the identity. The brand is also steeped in elements of mid-century Australia — the ‘70s being an iconic period for surf culture and design.

Jumping off from the new building’s shape — inspired by the old Busselton beach shacks and jetty building — we chose colours familiar to South West beachgoers. Sunset shades, stormy hues and bright summer tones have been smoothed into a location-relevant product packaging system.

Throughout the website, venue and menu, living icons and familiar sights around Busselton are reimagined as line-based illustrative elements — hot chips on holidays, locals taking it easy, ocean spray and seagulls wheeling overhead.

Our love of beer and tech was also a perfect match in designing and developing The site integrates a Covid-appropriate table booking system as well as e-commerce to buy beers (sorta like a holiday delivered when you can’t get away!).

Photography: Stephen Norman
Signage Artist: Andrew Frazer
Signage Fabrication: Geoff Miller