A complete re-imagining of WA’s leading science website to break through to a new market of science hungry readers.

For two years, traffic to the Science Network WA site had remained steady without growth.

Their key traffic driving metric – email subscribers – had only increased marginally year on year. More concerning was the decline in overall traffic in 2015 and that only 5% of their web traffic came from their impressive Facebook following.

Our objective was to expand the readership to a new demographic, and better engage them. A new brand for Scitech’s service was created along with the new name; a visual identity that is fun, animated and vibrant.

Article templates needed to cater for a wide range of uses from photo essays, long form articles, short video posts and more. We also developed administrative controls which allowed the Scitech team to easily prioritise articles and present popular content.

In order to engage the user base we created manual and automated email campaigns in conjunction with targeted Facebook advertising and search engine optimisation.

Since launch this has seen a 5% increase in subscribers, a 30% increase in the amount of pages users are reading, a 29% increase in the amount of time spent on the site and a 12% reduction in the bounce rate.