This Bay Is Someone’s Day

A campaign and identity to change perceptions around ACROD parking bay misuse.

Parking can be a hassle for drivers in any city. But for many people with disability, the reliance on accessible parking can be the difference between heading out and staying home. To combat ACROD bay misuse by non-permit holders, we collaborated with National Disability Services (NDS) in creating This Bay is Someone’s Day.

Using research gathered from people who had been fined for bay misuse, we designed the campaign and identity around education and empathy. The idea: to transform parking bays with local artists to literally ‘paint a picture’ of what ACROD parking means for permit holders who rely on them. The unique canvas highlights how parking in a bay even ‘just for a minute’ can impact a person’s whole day.

The ACROD Parking Program campaign drew support from the State Government of WA, 25 local councils, prominent Perth artists, and corporate partner, RAC. Even through a pandemic, the NDS X Juicebox team were able to bring bay activations to life, supported by accompanying digital video content, brand assets and a website to host the stories of participants willing to share their day.

Following a teaser campaign, the official launch was held on 3 December 2020 at RAC HQ to mark International Day of People with Disability. To support the digital campaign, decals, posters and windshield flyers will spread the message that “This Bay is Someone’s Day.”