Mrs Mac’s

Since 1954, Mrs Mac’s has been focussed on creating the best possible pies and pastry products it can for the Australian market.

Over the years, the brand has undergone numerous rebrands to the point where the board felt it had lost its way. The decision was made to revise the brand and return to the traditional roots which we all knew and loved.

Our role within this was two fold. We were to assist in transitioning the Mrs Mac’s brand from one to the other on social media and overhaul their digital with a new, highly functional website.

The new Mrs Mac’s website was designed and build from the ground up as a mobile experience. It also contains an extensive list of products not only for the general public to view, but also to assist the internal marketing team for wholesale purposes.

The messaging for the brand on the site was also heavily geared to represent what Mrs Mac’s was all about. Their focus on quality ingredients, care of preparation and wholesome family values.

Our transitional social campaigns delivered a new message, classic pie moments. The graphics were a spin on timeless moments in history which could be made better with a pie! We also ensured that topical and current events were covered in the lead up to the launch.

Mrs Macs Website Design Perth