A progressive web app (PWA) for mine safety inspections with the ability to be as far into the earth’s core as your device itself can handle (in offline mode) and always ensure data retention.

MineARC Systems builds and maintains essential safety technology used heavily in the resources sector. Their refuge chambers are in place around the globe, often installed hundreds of metres below the Earth’s surface where mobile signal technology is non-existent.

To ensure their effectiveness in an emergency, MineARC refuge chambers require regular inspection of the various life support systems contained within. Our brief? Turn a physical, paper-based inspection process into a seamless digital experience with offline functionality.

Juicebox created a browser-based app using Jamstack (JavaScript, APIs, and Markup). The checklist-based tool is designed to provide the correct specs for each chamber, guided by intelligent UX to prompt users through the inspection process.

Built for security and performance, our developers built an intelligent front end using the React open-source JavaScript library. Using a Service Worker file to enable background sync allows users to complete tasks even when the browser was unable to connect to the server through the Laravel REST API.

Like all progressive web apps, this offers MineARC inspectors and third-party users the benefits of native-app-like capabilities (security, reliability, and instal-lability) while being available on any modern browser and device.

*Disclaimer, we have not browser tested within the earth’s core.