Lauren Curtis Lounge

Ultra comfy sleepwear that not only feels good (like, really good), but also looks amazing, too.

Since starting her YouTube channel in 2011, Lauren Curtis has grown her audience to over 7 million across various social channels. She’s a one woman powerhouse for all things beauty. Since that time, Lauren has always wanted to create her own ranger of ultra comfy, stylish sleepwear.

Our role was to bring this dream to life with an eCommerce experience worthy of the brand. We worked with Lauren to craft the identity and produce a clean, clear and simple design. But whilst the design is simple, the site is not.

With such a passionate following we needed to ensure that the website held up to the demand. This involved a custom server infrastructure based in the USA with the website served globally through a content delivery network.

Also, we had to make sure that the order process was seamless. We automated and integrated the orders with Lauren’s logistics partner so that orders are received instantly within the warehouse and shipped as quickly as possible with no manual intervention required.