Insight Electrical Technology

A redefined brand proposition, digital presence and marketing strategy to reposition an electrical contractor in a fast evolving marketplace.

IET had been in business for 12 years when they approached Juicebox seeking help with their marketing, however it was quickly identified that the business required a deeper rethink.

Through strategic and creative workshop sessions, we helped them surface and articulate their true purpose to ‘connect, power and advance technology that benefits people’s lives’ providing the leadership team with clarity and new found confidence to make bold decisions about the future.

Inherent in the business was a curiosity and willingness to explore new smart technologies, which when combined with their can-do attitude, had resulted in the design and delivery of innovative electrical projects for some of Western Australia’s most creative spaces and forward thinking buildings; including the likes of Perth Concert Hall, Perth City Council and 140 William to name a few.

Building upon their true purpose, we completed research and developed a strategic vision around smart building technology that would not only drive long term growth, but also enable the team to significantly impact the way people live and work with building technology.

Following the initial strategy phase, we created new a branding and a website to represent this strategic direction and position them in the marketplace according to their aspirations and industry experience. The website adopted a ‘medium-is-the-message’ tactic by utilising smart web technologies to improve energy efficiency and performance – whereby we implemented advanced cloud hosting, file size optimisation tools, site compression and opting away from geolocation requests.

Finally, we relaunched the brand and website with a intimate event that recognised key staff, clients and suppliers, combined with a digital campaign and the roll-out of newly branded uniforms and print marketing collateral, including a significant rollout of decals across their vehicle fleet.

More than simply grow market awareness and attract new clients, this rebrand has provided a tangible reason to re-engage staff and instill deeper meaning and purpose within their careers, as well a solidify a renewed commitment to the company values and vision for the future.