In Mind Cloud

Repositioning a digital sales platform in an increasingly competitive software market.

We helped transform a successful international SaaS provider from a traditional business fighting to fill in the gaps in an outdated model, into a digital-first outfit disrupting every aspect of the billion-dollar global sales software industry.  

What was the challenge?

Already a successful business with a range of app-based sales solutions (CRM, CPQ, Commerce), IMC had grown for 10 years, organically developing their product alongside increasingly demanding clients. As a business firmly rooted in Industry 4.0 they needed to behave more like the truly digital-first business that their clients aspire to be. 

The problem was that, over the years, they had been sucked into the system established by the generalised giants of the industry (Salesforce, SAP etc.) who operate with large ‘feet-on-the-ground’ sales teams and reputations that precede them. They needed to change the dynamic and highlight IMC’s manufacturing industry expertise.

How did we do it?

Our strategy team focused on two aspects of the brand: a deep understanding of the offering, and the implications for the audience. We repositioned the product away from modular ‘apps’ and towards In Mind Cloud’s robustness as an industry-specific ‘complete digital sales platform’. Disrupting traditional approaches, IMC is now better aligned with the real needs and fears of manufacturing businesses in the early stages of digital adoption.

Ultimately, we transformed almost every aspect of the way in which the brand presents itself to the market, from new brand identity and key messaging to sales and marketing processes. Their cutting-edge new website reconfigures based on the specific needs of each visitor and now represents their central sales tool.