A new brand and digital experience to showcase Hesperia’s many iconic and award-winning developments that Perth has come to know and love.

Hesperia was formed from the long and trusted relationship between two of Western Australia’s leading property developers: Linc Property and Fini Group.

With a diverse range of projects in their portfolio, including the State Buildings, The Rechabite, Murdoch Health & Knowledge Precinct and Roe Highway Logistics Park, we needed to create a brand that could sit comfortably alongside any type of development.

The downstrokes of the ‘H’ logo work as a framing device for key statements and guide the straight, structured elements throughout the site. This is reflected in the project photography, showing everything in its proper place.

Typefaces chosen include a contemporary sans serif, with a nostalgic news-print style serif nodding to the heritage that is painstakingly retained in many of the developments which Hesperia undertake.