Answering the all important Fringe Festival question… What should I see?

In late 2017 FringeWorld came to us with a problem. Whilst attendance to Fringe Festival was increasing year on year, a common complaint was heard; customers relied largely on word of mouth to know what shows to go to.

With an incredible variety of entertainment available, there was no easy to use way for the public to see what shows were on right now, what they were about and how good they were. Enter FringeFeed.

Our role was to conceptualise, design and develop the solution whilst collaborating with FRINGE WORLD. Now in its second year of operation, FringeFeed has been expanded and retooled to make it even easier for the public to know what to see. Public reviews have now been added to give a broader sense of a shows’ quality and an entirely fresh news section added to give even more recommendations.

In 2019 the system achieved a 41% growth in users with more than 51,000 visits and 25% of users said they purchased tickets because of FringeFeed.