Fremantle Octopus

Whilst the Fremantle Octopus brand is iconic, and the dish is often seen as gourmet, the true battle was to encourage consumers to purchase octopus for more casual, recreational purposes.

Most of us love seafood, however, Fremantle Octopus approached Juicebox with a long-term strategy for seeing more Australians embrace the delight of octopus.

Love at first bite was born.

Through a mix of inspiring media, sublime UX & UI, quality typography we created a brand-building user experience that shaped how octopus was perceived, grew the reputation of the company and maintained its position as a delicacy.

Some of the primary features included product management, for future eCommerce expansion, a recipe gallery to combat those doubting how simple it was to cook the product (Octopus burger? Yes, indeed!) and a dedicated section to the sustainability of their mission.