Frankland Estate

Before the year 2020 the word isolation associated itself with different connotations.

Frankland Estate’s many awarded wines spoke for themselves, however, one the most secluded wineries in Australia was looking to generate awareness and direct-to-consumer sales through a sophisticated end-to-end digital campaign.

Our creative execution embraced the fact that with isolation comes exclusivity and escape. However, the digital strategy involved rethinking the ‘Isolation Wine Club’ membership with different levels of access and benefits, as well as an initial introductory offer. Beyond the direct promotions, we continued to reach the national audiences through a brand-building funnel content series that was much about Frankland’s story, as it was their incredible product.

Coinciding with a Royal Melbourne Wine Award trophy, the impact was evident through a spike in online orders, high creative engagement and a maintained increase in traffic well after the campaign had concluded