Five Senses

When it comes to specialty coffee, Five Senses are one of Australia’s pioneering brands. Their commitment to sourcing and roasting delicious coffee is matched only by the support they provide to hundreds of cafes and baristas.

Five Senses were just about to enter a new phase of business, expanding its national presence and consolidating within their existing markets.

This activity was the catalyst for a larger, more strategic discussion about their brand proposition and how they were currently positioned in the specialty coffee scene that had evolved over recent years to become more sophisticated and fragmented due to the arrival of numerous micro-roaster brands.

Our objective was two-fold. One; to craft a new brand proposition that was relevant and dynamic within contemporary cafe culture, whilst also being timeless amongst an overly trend conscious industry. Two; increase coffee and subscription sales through their digital channels with creative, channel planning, search engine optimisation and pay per click strategies.

In order to deliver those objectives we created an immersive website that showcased the entire coffee journey from origin to cup, providing our customers with greater understanding about the process, production and benefits of direct trade coffee and specialty roasting.

We created a dynamic visual system to express the ever-changing flavour profiles of the single origin coffee through abstract representation of colour and texture. The result is a bright and exciting range of unique designs that are interesting and beautiful.

Their target audience are cafe owners and baristas, followed by coffee lovers at home. These people are somewhat transient in their behaviour, with many of them on a perpetual coffee discovery. This is something that Five Senses certainly didn’t want to discourage, in fact they also celebrate this type of behaviour through their special release and single origin coffees. The real problem lied in the fact that specialty coffee belongs in the artisanal world, where people sometimes celebrate craft and passion above quality and consistency. Where charismatic people and personalities sometimes rule over trusted brands and process.

Five Senses needed to reconnect. If they could engage these hospitality professionals through meaningful, passionate conversation and evoke a new sense of excitement about the brand they know and trust then people would proudly associate themselves with Five Senses once again. We captured insights from these people and some of their comments resonated strongly;

Since beginning their journey with us we have increased their year on year sales through digital channels by 70%.