Feral Brewing Co.

Blood, sweat and beers. It was a privilege crafting an authentic brand narrative and tagline for one of Australia’s leading breweries.

We were already madly in love with the personality filled Feral branding, not to mention their exceptional beer. So, when they approached us to help craft their brand story, we were drunk with excitement.

We started by speaking with their people, listening intently to their personal stories and motivations, before surveying their customers to gain market insight. Slowly we began to recognise common themes and truths, before forming an authentic and characterful narrative.

Working collaboratively with the Feral team through an intensive creative process we were careful not to drastically shift their brand positioning, but rather expand and enrich their brand world; giving rise to he use of emotive and colourful language, and a new tagline ‘Brewed by Instinct’, a bold statement that represented the unbridled creative freedom of this pioneering brand.