Coca-Cola X Varsity

Perth’s favourite burger bar teamed up with one of the world’s most recognisable brands as an iconic duo for this social media campaign.

With youthful energy, an irreverent sense of humour and deliciously ‘grammable food, Varsity Bar & Burgers have earned a sizable following on the major social platforms. We tapped into the meme theme of ‘iconic duos’ to generate campaign creative that fits with the burger brand’s affinity for nostalgic pop culture.

Running during the 2019/20 school holiday season, our social media team employed clever ad scheduling to ensure creative was being served at optimal times throughout the day. We used geotargeting in relation to the store delivery location zones to preserve ad spend and implement location-specific creative.

Key aims of the campaign included driving traffic to the five Varsity UberEats pages, and promoting the alignment of Varsity and Coke as partners, adding significant brand recognition of both to leverage this partnership. Overall, Varsity also saw an increase in delivery orders during the course of the campaign with a reduced cost-per-click.