Cancer Council WA

UV Daily

Cancer Council WA sought to raise awareness around UV with a targeted campaign for all tradespeople and individuals working outdoors, promoting a message of prevention over cure.

After A/B testing our campaign ideas with focus groups, we discovered that in order to resonate with the audience, humour would be the key. They were also not interested in being lectured to, instead they preferred a simple daily reminder.

Enter: Sonny Burns

The final result was Sonny Burns, a larrikin tradesmen and self-appointed UV spokesperson taking on the challenge of reminding his fellow tradies of the dangers of UV exposure.

Sonny Burns took centre stage across radio, social media and a new website. His tips, reminders and stories across all mediums and encourages tradies to visit the UV Daily website for the daily forecast and tips on what to wear.

The digital strategy had a mobile first approach, knowing that the majority of our target market would be accessing social media and the website via their smartphones, it was essential that the  mobile site is functional, user friendly and informative.