A playful and self-effacing campaign encouraging BRAG to, well, brag. This meant owning its unique identity and distinct personality.

The Bunbury Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) is the largest regional art gallery in Western Australia. Residing in a candy pink frosted former nunnery at the centre of Bunbury, the gallery serves as the cultural hub for artists and residents in the South West region.

Faced with declining visitation numbers and reduced government financial support, BRAG was beginning to lose relevance in a heavily crowded and highly competitive cultural and tourism landscape.

Working closely with BRAG, the local council and the public, we shaped a brand that rediscovered the alternative and playful spirit of the gallery – whilst incorporating elements of the gallery throughout the city (and vice versa). Using playful language and a bold visual identity system, we encouraged BRAG to confidently present itself as the colourful, confident and outspoken centre for Western Australian art and culture.