Why did they engage us?

After a period of waning public interest and limited financial support, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) was losing relevance in a highly competitive cultural tourism environment. The challenge was reposition the gallery as a daring, exciting and innovative platform for arts and culture in Western Australia, one that shapes the attitude and voice of the southwest region.

We created a playful and self-effacing campaign that encouraged BRAG to, well, brag. This meant owning its unique identity and distinct personality – the pink frosted building, provocative language, the edgy demeanour – to infiltrate the region with vibrant pink splashes of daring, confronting, thought-provoking expression.

There has been a recent cultural explosion in Bunbury, driven by local artists and independent businesses - BRAG needed to play front and centre.

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery (BRAG)
Bunbury Regional Art Gallery (BRAG)