The Challenge: Enhance driving exhilaration from the very first touchpoint with a first-class online experience.

Arguably Perth’s best-known prestige vehicle dealerships, the Barbagallo brand maintains an aspirational place in many West Australians minds. Juicebox redesigned and streamlined its multi-brand site architecture, focusing on conversion and highlighting Barbagallo’s first-class service experience—all while making the brand feel more accessible.

Barbagallo is Perth’s dealership of choice for the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, including luxury marine craft. 

Over the years, the family have become dealership partners for the likes of Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati and Rolls-Royce, and formed eponymous luxury watch and marine lifestyle brands. However, brand pages on their site were often external links to manufacturer pages, creating a disconnect to the Barbagallo experience.

Creating a new architecture and content throughout, Juicebox helped Barbagallo showcase more of the incredible cars on offer through a dynamic video player and vehicle search functions. Core to the site’s success was highlighting the quality of their service & parts departments, speaking to the long-term (even intergenerational) mindset of the Barbagallo customer.

We continue to help the brand grow through updates under a website warranty and an impressive PPC (pay per click) strategy to increase leads.