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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

November 22, 2017

Christmas looms up all too fast. One moment it’s October and then it’s all red and green.

In our game the concept of business winding down as the festive period approaches is more a myth, barring the very late stages of December where even an e-mail reply becomes a rarity.

Most of us leave our gift shopping late and therefore this timing gels well, however when thinking about our Christmas requirements, as a business, we need to be more proactive and forward plan.

Something, anything.

Whether it be a gift for your own valued clients or a Christmas campaign, there’s a steadfast rule and that is something is better than nothing.

The token Christmas card is still alive and well but there are far more creative, memorable options available and a well-executed Christmas campaign can leave you feeling merry entering the holiday period.

The issue is that most businesses don’t know where to start. We all receive the somewhat desperate, embedded Christmas GIF e-mail from someone looking to damage their brand personally or professionally. This typically sends fear through us and makes us lean towards the nothing, over the poorly executed something.

The truth is it all starts with a great idea. A clever concept, relevant to your brand, delivered in a way that feels unique to you. It’s a Christmas offer that screams immediate action or something your clients want to keep, or won’t forget.

After all, people are in a good mood at this time of year, stress levels are lower and engagement/purchase desire is much higher. Don’t miss the last opportunity of the annum to impress, it might make for a great New Year.

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