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March 10, 2015

Increasing traffic trends mean a mobile site cannot be an after thought

Smart phones have changed the way in which we consume information on a daily basis. Since the launch of the first Apple iPhone in 2007, smart phones have taken the world by storm. The power they give users to be able to source all kinds of information within minutes (or seconds in many cases) has been a complete game changer for many customers, and businesses. 

The traffic doesn't lie

It would be a fairly safe to say that the overwhelming majority of business operators are at least aware of the impact that smart phones may have on their customers and their buying patterns. For some business types it may be fairly insignificant, however after reviewing the traffic statistics of our clients the average website receives anywhere between 10 – 40% of their overall traffic from mobile device users (not including tablets). This percentage is even higher for some. 

Google have taken notice, so should you

As of January 2015, Google began issuing notices to site owners whose websites failed its mobile usability testing. These will continue to roll out over the coming months as Google re-indexes websites worldwide. These notices serve as a warning for website owners to either update their website to be more mobile friendly, or be potentially knocked back in search results on mobile devices. If you own one of the websites that have received this notice, it is unlikely to impact on your search engine rankings on desktop computers. A “Mobile Usability Issues” notice should definitely be taken seriously however. 

How important is it for your website to be found easily by people using mobile devices?

It is worth weighing up the costs of updating your website to be more mobile responsive (there are a number of options available). The benefits to both your website’s search engine visibility, and user experience for your target audience browsing with mobile devices may make the costs of an update worthwhile.

It may be difficult to predict exactly how big an impact this latest focus by Google will have on specific websites and their search engine rankings on mobile devices. One thing that can be safely predicted however is that as long as Google aims to provide its users with the best possible search results, the focus on mobile device usability will be as important to Google as your smartphone is to you.  

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