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August 8, 2014

Or why being visible is just as important as looking great online

You have just invested tens of thousands of dollars opening up your new gourmet café. Exciting times!

It looks fantastic (well you did spend thousands on interior design…) and you offer a product that you know the foodies of Perth will love. Sounds like you could be on to a winner here right? It’s a shame all of those Perth Foodies don’t know you exist. Sounding more like a good business opportunity gone begging.

Failing to reach the target market is a common cause of business failure. The exact same thing can happen with a website.

Just like with a bricks and mortar business, you can spend thousands of dollars having a website designed that creatively represents your brand and delivers a strategic message – Very important aspects of a successful website or online business! Now you just need to make sure your happy customers-to-be can find you amongst the 906,000 search results that Google has given them for “Organic café Perth”. Fortunately this is an achievable goal, and is one that can be achieved with some help from JuiceBox

Perth removalist company The Smooth Movers are a favourite client of ours who are benefiting from this 3 pronged approach to operating a successful business website; Creative branding and messaging, Simple design with easy-to-use functions, and a refocused SEO strategy that has lead to roughly a 50% increase in site traffic in the last two months.

SEO Strategy”?

I could go on for hours about all of the different elements involved with optimising a website for higher Google rankings. It is certainly not something that happens over night either. To summarise in a few sentences however, the role of SEO is to present a focus subject, theme, product and/or service to Google (and other search engines) via the content and coding of a website. Google’s algorithm then takes in to account all of this information as hints or suggestions  before deciding how relevant and credible the website actually is in those areas, and ranks the site accordingly. If your business is relevant and credible for certain search terms, make sure your website reflects that to Google!

Higher rankings = higher site traffic + more leads. A pretty simple strategy that typically has a greater return on investment than you may think.

End of the day, The Smooth Movers are the ones providing the service that is satisfying their many customers each day. We are just making sure those happy customers are finding them. After all, we all want to be able to get the best service available whenever we can get it. A quality business should not go unnoticed!

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