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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

June 21, 2016

Regular User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) adjustments are critical to digital marketing ROI.

Perth has embraced digital marketing over the past three years and there are few businesses that haven’t dabbled in a digital marketing campaign of some sort.

Despite the uptake there are still varying opinions as to the effectiveness of particular mediums. Whilst there is little doubt they generate targeted traffic to your website, the fact is their effectiveness is judged on the result – return on investment.

As discussed in an article last year, generating traffic is only half the battle. Curating a visitor’s journey after their arrival is critical to achieving the goals of a website and for this reason every month something should change on your site.

Yes, posting a new blog article is positive and adding a new testimonial or case study will definitely help, however the small changes we’re referring to are all relevant to User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).

Behavioural adjustments.

It can be as simple as altering the message in a banner or repositioning a button, and extend as far as restructuring your sitemap or turning a long single-page form into a three step process. What you can be sure of is that it will change the behaviour of your visitors. Identifying whether that’s a positive thing comes down to reviewing more than a bounce rate or visits to a particular page.

We're watching you.

At Juicebox we analyse all of the standard analytics data and combine it with heat mapping technology to identify where visitors click, their mouse movement, how far they scroll down a page and we’ll even watch a recording of a user interacting with a website from start to finish. No, we don’t belong in a straitjacket, it’s these insights that can make a huge difference and through month-to-month A/B testing we’re able to refine a website to perform better. These insights are communicated to our UX experts, designers, copywriters and web developers so that the collaborative execution is on point.

Once implemented we wait excitedly for the results to validate our decision, before identifying our next mission within the website and so the cycle continues. Some may see it as overkill for an SME website, however we see it as essential for an effective digital strategy.

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