Comparing yourself with others is intrinsic to how you form views of identity and position within society.

Brands are no different.

Success in today’s market requires clear differentiation.

People need to know who you are, what you are offering and how capable or experienced you are in delivering it before they will make a decision. They should be able to easily understand and articulate your strengths; what you’re exceptional at when compared with others, and whether those strengths will best meet and fulfil their needs.

People will always seek out great, so before you set up on that expensive high street, it might be worth checking out that hidden laneway.

Furthermore, today’s marketplaces are increasingly noisy and attention spans are continually decreasing, so before simply reaching for the loudspeaker, or rushing to meet the crowd where they are, let’s challenge the status quo, change the conversation, and position ourselves where the market is heading.

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