The pathway to the new normal

Digital COVID-19 Support

Like most businesses, we’ve felt the impact of the uncertainty on the bottomline. Several of our clients experienced immediate hurt over night and just simply never had the chance to pivot.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve had many ask whether it was right to continue marketing at this time. Other clients wanted to discuss whether they should communicate with their clients on the situation and many just ask for advice on the value of their advertising spend in a time of panic. We’ve been happy to provide our honest opinion.

We’ve also had others move swiftly to set up eCommerce & delivery tracking, jump start their eLearning, convert their whole servicing model to video – and many just to use this newly found capacity to finally focus on improving their website content.

We recognised that everyone was a different stage in their response, and that degrees of impact were hugely varied on a case-by-case basis. Speaking directly with our clients, suppliers and peers was the only way to get a true gauge on what was happening around us. Regardless of the conversations we were having, we had already decided that our role was to provide help and support however possible.

“How you behave and communicate as a brand during this new normal will impact your credibility as a brand in the future”

– Anthony Nankervis, Creative Director

Because whilst every brand and business is different, continuity is all that matters in this shape-shifting world we all live in.

At our core, the value of an agency is in solving problems. Digital just happens to be our specialty.

We’re happy to have a chat if we can help. We’d like to use our skills and capabilities to assist in any way so that we’re all better off in the long run. Send us an email when you’re ready.

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