The Art of Being Watched

For one discerning week in June we invited Fremantle photographer Duncan Wright to secret himself amongst the studio ferns and document our every move. 

This is what he captured.

We like to work with people we like – particularly those whose work sends a hot and heavy musk throughout the agency. So, when it came to selecting a photographer to document the day-to-day comings-and-goings of life at Juicebox, the gently-ruffled Duncan Wright was a unanimous choice.

Sporting his quasi-signature worker’s jacket and with camera slung over shoulder – hand coiled above the shutter like a sheriff fingering his pistol in some old-timey Western showdown – Duncan spent a week slipping through doorways, motionless under conference room desks and camouflaged behind railway station palm trees, all in the hope of fulfilling his assignment: to capture Juicebox developers, creatives, strategists, directors and account managers roaming about their natural habitat/s. 

We’ve been fortunate to work with Duncan on previous projects, and not many photographers are able to burrow into their subjects and Hoover up the complex minutiae of life with such genuine warmth, artistry and good humour: but Duncan attains these attributes rather nonchalantly – and is such a lovely guy to boot. So, please sit back, brew yourself a cup of your favourite pastime and check out the series. Oh, and if you’d like to see any more of Duncan’s work, you can find it here and here.