Murdoch University’s ‘Free Your Think’ experience at Perth Arena

In collaboration with Perth’s experiential marketers, Gettin Hectic, Juicebox recently completed the digital interaction of Murdoch’s new ‘Free Your Think’ activation as part of a larger campaign for the university encouraging curious, bold and courageous free thinkers.

Located in Perth Arena for all major events, the interactive box (named Walter after Sir Walter Murdoch) debuted at One Direction star, Harry Styles.

The concept behind Walter was for a participant to answer several multiple choice questions before being challenged with a ‘free your think’ question. Success led to a prize being delivered through an automatic draw at the conclusion of the quiz.

From a technical perspective Juicebox developed the web application allowing the operator (inside) to chat with the participant and judge the ‘free your think’ answer. Seamless UX and UI was also a primary focus for successful execution of the concept.

The application operated 4 screens simultaneously, including a tablet, a primary display and two side screens so that on-lookers could view to feel a part of the experience.

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