Don’t underutilise the marketing power of your CRM

We used to throw around the line that “your website is your hardest working employee”. 

They’re at work 24/7, they introduce potential new clients or customers to your brand and they know all areas of your business. The greater the initial experience, the better the reflection on your business.

All of that is still relevant today, however in 2019 a website is more like the door person. They’re the introduction. They welcome your clients and customers through the door, however once inside it’s the job of robust marketing automation to continue the relationship. A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).

A lot of businesses are confused on how best to utilise their CRM. Some think it’s order management, others look at it as their e-mail database and others just see it as a historical record of their client’s information. The truth is it’s all of those things, however it can be so much more and modern CRMs are featured packaged but typically only used for a small percentage of their power.

People associate their CRM with their IT Company, however given that they’re there to facilitate such a critical part of communication the logic needs to be left to people who know how to interact effectively with your target audience. Automation is not meant to act or sound robotic. 

We’re judged on results and ask our clients to allow our marketing and reporting to integrate with their CRM. Here’s just a few of the ways we’ve used marketing automation, and automation in general, to improve their businesses.

Marketing performance, what’s actually working?

Every agency has ideas. They want to try a new channel or create a new campaign and they’ll typically use a metric like enquiries (hopefully not clicks or traffic) to showcase the success of the campaigns. However, did these enquiries actually turn into business? What was the dollar return? Was it Instagram that worked or did it all come from search? Sometimes channels can perform really well but the clientele they attract are “tyre kickers” and every business needs to know where to spend more or less. A ‘source of truth’ CRM setup translates to real dollar results when integrated correctly with your digital strategy.

Segmentation, smarter campaigns.

I’ve always found the “open rate” stat useless. Most people that know your brand will open your e-mail. So what? Wouldn’t it be wise to see if they engaged with any of content and then further the conversation from there? At a minimum, at least segment those that did click particular content for the future. Obviously it would be painful to do this manually and this is where marketing automation can find that efficiency and strengthen your content marketing.

Faster Follow-up

They’re interested in you. Whether they enquired through a particular service page, downloaded a piece of content or signed up to an event you’re hosting. Very few businesses have time to really follow-up. Even something as simple “Hi X, thanks for attending on Thursday. Do you mind if I ask ask you what you got out of the event?”. This still remains personal and all you need to do is wait for the replies which continue the conversation.

Sales Team Accountability

There’s marketing and there’s sales. A CRM should be able to show you who the performers are from your sales team. With a proper implementation of CRM we saw a particular client grow their monthly revenue by 25%. It wasn’t difficult, automation meant they contacted them fast, they followed-up appropriately, they moved dormant enquiries to someone else and they kept the conversation going if they weren’t quite ready. 

Marketing is integrated with customer experience and therefore it’s important to never put your brand at risk with impersonal communication. Crafting good content and appreciating the creative execution is where a digital agency helps make the most of that underutilised CRM.

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