CXI – Customer Experience Ideas

CXI – sounds impressive.

Unfortunately it’s just an acronym I made up for the purpose of this article, however the three words that it represents are incredibly important.

When’s the last time someone pitched you a ‘game changer’ when it came to improving your customer experience? I’m not referring to redesigning your proposal or sending your clients a bottle of wine. I mean evaluating how they interact and engage with you as a customer or client.

At Juicebox, during the discovery process we often explore the customer experience map with our clients. This identifies their journey to becoming a client of that business and the available and relevant touch-points and interactions along the way. What we find is that businesses rarely deliberate or challenge their ‘customer experience’, it’s set hard and fast because that’s how it’s always been.

There is almost always a better way to do what you do. Not the actual service or deliverable, you’re excellent and experienced at that, however the path to their on-boarding, engagement or relationship management can be improved. Technology can enhance so many aspects of this journey, however ‘technology’ is just a long-in-the-tooth buzzword that has no true impact unless you get the implementation right.

Is your magic trick finally adapting Docusign? I hate signing and scanning in 2019. Is it the timely delivery of information via SMS? Still the number one for open rates. Maybe it’s that perfect reward and retain strategy which encourages clients or customers to stick around, or spend more, to access complementary benefits – the Airline membership masterclass. Did you finally implement that smartphone app to give customers on demand information? Setup the automation properly on your CRM to tailor delivery? Or improve your member report to be far more user-friendly? User experience has never been more important when it comes to CX.

The likelihood is that you probably don’t actually know what could create an improved customer experience. That’s okay, people don’t often fix what’s not broken today. However, challenging what you do, how you do it and how you deliver it is critical. You need ideas. Enhanced with technology and creativity it might reinvent your business. It may even be a change as drastic as Foxtel developing the sports-only spinoff Kayo brand to service a specific audience with a niche product.

Maybe it will save Foxtel from the streamed content ambush? The writing was already on the wall for them when they released Kayo. We recommend not leaving it that late.

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