Branding: it has nothing to do with the size of your logo

Business owner? Marketing manager? Coordinator of socials? Whether it’s a business you rep, or a business you own, you understand the importance of a brand. But what does it take to apply a new brand and make it work for your business?

Let’s assume you’ve had the ‘wow’ of  a branding workshop, gone deep down the rabbit hole and second-guessed yourself on whether your brand archetype was better represented by Arnie or by Oprah. At the time, you may have thought: ‘god, why didn’t we do this 12 months ago!?’ Maybe you were excited about all the potential applications and creative ‘stuff’ that looked cool.

Fast-forward six months. There’s a new logo on the website but you’re really busy; you still haven’t had time to hire that in-house marketing resource to ‘roll out’ the brand, your key objective of lead generation is nowhere near close to being met, and it’s nearly Christmas. Urgh…

Or, maybe you’ve had time to whack your new logo on some tees and totes, printed a pull-up banner, boosted a couple of posts on Facebook and gave the website a fancy reskin – isn’t that job done? 

It’s a start – but, no.

Your brand is so much more than your logo. It’s not a stamp. Not a sticker. Your brand is what you say and how you say it. It’s the internal culture you create and nurture amongst your staff. It’s what you look like when you promote your business. Perhaps most importantly, it represents what you stand for and against.

The Arnie’s, Oprah’s and creative ‘stuff’ are all important components in creating a brand that resonates – but, the most important factor in your brand’s success is your commitment to act on the pillars that support it.

Unearthed your brand strategy? Start shaping your organisation around it.

Defined your new values? Keep them where everyone can see.

Developed a brand message? Take it to market, test it, and encourage an audience to actually buy your product or service, or at the very least engage with your business.

Be strategic with your brand’s personality. 

Strategy is the partner in crime of creative and design in any great brand development

Amplification of your brand’s key messages comes down to a considered strategy that’s aligned with your business objectives and then pivots when your target audience does. It might be an awareness campaign of video-based storytelling content across digital for three months with supporting OOH and transit channels. Or maybe its a simple EDM campaign to your existing database to drive subscriptions to your online platform. 

Whatever the strategy, it should go hand-in-hand with the development of your new brand. A solid strategy provides you the know-how to ensure you’re not left with just a logo on a t-shirt.


Anthony Nankervis
Creative Director

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