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Juicebox is not a juice bar.

Juicebox Around The Office
Our Juicebox office, not a juice bar.

The 15th birthday arrived for Juicebox last month and thanks to the wonderful people in our agency they wouldn’t let it pass unnoticed.

It was different to our ten-year anniversary given that event timed with winning Digital Agency of the Year and a big celebration. Ten years seemed grand, a true achievement, the addition of another 5, less so. Given we started Juicebox at the age of 23, some birthdays are best left uncelebrated – however, LinkedIn doesn’t allow you that grace.

These musings are not to discuss the achievements of Juicebox over the period. Personally, I couldn’t bring myself to pen such content. This article is more self-motivation than self-indulgence. It’s about signalling intent. The milestone was a chance to quickly reflect and then focus on the future and how we plan to adapt for another chapter of business in a world far more volatile than when we began in the midst of the GFC.

That excites us. Technological disruption and adoption is our business model.

“Juicebox is not a juice bar” is what we’ve told many people who’ve poked their heads into our agency mistakenly over the journey. The next logical question is “Well, what do you do?”. The answer to that question has changed many times – for the better – over the years. Every iteration appeared to be a challenge at the time before it quickly became the norm. Now we’re set to change again.

The most rewarding aspect of any change we’ve made is when it’s led to a greater impact for the clients we work with. As sickeningly cliché as that sounds, it’s refreshing to not walk into a factory producing widgets and celebrate actual achievement. It’s ever more rewarding when the collective passion for what you do drives the culture and behaviour that truly moves the needle. As a result, we have become obsessed with impact. We talk in verbs, not nouns.

We’ve never been big on growth for the sake of growth, or size for size, or heading East to try our luck in the “big smoke”. If we wanted to do those things, they would have been done by now. However, the flame still burns bright for delivering world-class solutions – being brand salient and finally cracking the code that combines the core strengths and passions of Juicebox’s founders into a single and seamless product delivered by a team obsessed with creating impact.

That also means riding the post-pandemic wave of a borderless economy and trying our luck in other jurisdictions. After all, things happen for a reason, we would be mad not to.

Fifteen years has taught us many lessons, however, the most notable one is to never sit still – as there is no such thing. You either move forward or regress.