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Gen Z doesn’t want to talk to you

A scene of Generation Z in a modern professional environment.
Key Insights
  • Customer experience is now digital.
  • An easy and seamless experience positions you as a leading brand.
  • Become the go-to brand through digital transformation.

Good old-fashioned phone service? It’s precisely that in 2024—old-fashioned. Gen Z and many millennials don’t want to talk on the phone. They’re digital natives, and that’s just not how they communicate.

Customer experience is one of the most significant transformations in the digital space. Major brands now have a plethora of data about their valued customers, yet never intend to speak to them. 

Yes, digital interaction is less personal but efficient, accessible and streamlined. The inconvenience of phone queues and waiting for email responses are fading into the abyss. “Can you stay on the line to give us feedback?” Really? No.

Your point of difference now exists in the experience you provide. Every touchpoint in your brand’s digital ecosystem – experience design, functionality, ease of use, etc. – must be superior to rival brands. 

Have you ever tried to change a flight online? Some companies don’t make it easy. They ask you to call and negotiate the change of flight. Asking you to do the heavy lifting leaves a lasting impression, and it’s not good. 

Health insurance is another example. Submitting a claim with a quality provider takes three clicks, and the money is in your account the next day. Others want you to download a PDF, complete it and then email it back, only to ask you to confirm details over the phone. These companies are already losing, whether they know it or not.

Getting a quote, changing a plan and ordering a replacement are all part of life.

Want to win market share? Millennials and Gen X won’t risk an inferior experience. Your customer experience can’t just be easy. It must be exemplary

An unexpected positive experience will create immediate brand salience, making you the business your customers can’t live without. 

Where can you improve customer experience through technology realisation? Ask us