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Digital onboarding is like the first date, don’t lose them at login

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Key Insights
  • Brands miss opportunities to create customer loyalty at onboarding
  • Every customer experience touchpoint is critical and measurement is a must
  • Meaningful connections are forged through a regular exchange of value

There are many missed opportunities to build customer loyalty. We live in a conversion-hungry world where short-termism rules and the long game is ignored. 

For many businesses, technology has partially transformed customer experience, but the transformation is often functional or driven by operational efficiency.

Digital touchpoints are an opportunity to make meaningful connections and shape the perception of your brand. It starts with onboarding clients into your ecosystem and building loyalty beyond that first click. 

The sports betting industry is a helpful example of relying on digital experience to drive engagement. The industry is about to be heavily disrupted through regulation. It will soon be illegal for betting companies to advertise on TV or even sponsor a football team as a bookmaker. 

Gambling brands are no longer allowed to contact their members spontaneously with offers or promotions. The only way their punters will be able to find what’s available is through ‘organic discovery’, browsing the bookmaker’s app or platform – by choice. 

Users will only have the option of opting in or making irregular visits to the digital shopfront. To keep users engaged and outperform the competition, the user experience will need to be flawless, rewarding, and memorable. In other words, nothing short of sublime.

Another example of the conversion-hungry philosophy is in digital marketing. In recent times, the algo has nailed my interests. Clever creative, a pinpoint hook has sucked me into making an impulse purchase. But I probably won’t remain interested in the brand long-term.

What went wrong? The brand relied on a single transaction, and then greed took over, and they abused their only avenues of contact, typically through SMS and email. If I was onboarded properly and engaged meaningfully with the brand, I would remain loyal. That is a depressing scenario, especially given how hard it is to influence and convert a customer in the first place.

‘Creating an account’ should be seen as the first date. It’s an agreement to onboard into your digital world and connect with your brand. Technology has driven efficiency through automation and processes. Yes, your platform should be streamlined, but not at the expense of customer experience. 

You need to deliver value and exist in a world beyond reward points or promotions. Digital platforms need to be personalised and exciting because this is when people are most intrigued. When done well, you’ve created a connection with your brand, not just your platform.

We follow brands on social media because they interest us, but we’ll quickly unfollow them if they don’t provide value. With organic social reach at an all-time low, digital is no longer a reliable means of connecting with your customers. Your digital ecosystem needs to be driven by first-party data and considered across every touchpoint.

Creating meaningful connections with your audience starts with design thinking. What authentic experience will reflect your brand’s purpose and personality? Is it enough to keep them connected? And perhaps, more importantly, how do you measure your success?