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Eleven Finalists in the Aus Web Awards 2024

Juicebox Australian Web Awards 2024 Finalists

The Australian Web Awards has once again acknowledged Juicebox’s contributions to the digital landscape, with seven clients nominated as finalists across 11 categories.

Established in 2005, the AWA celebrates the best of Australian digital work. Categories are judged not only on an impressive digital experience but also on performance and the technical excellence that underpins those entries. 

Juicebox has gained an elite reputation for striking that balance perfectly. Even where an experience may appear straightforward, the technical execution underpinning it—including factors such as best practice, performance, and accessibility—must be top-tier. We’re immensely proud to see these projects recognised by judges as leading examples among an ever-increasing pool of submissions from independent agencies, network agencies, and client-produced work.

Continuing our AWA track record, this year Juicebox has been recognised for work on industries as varied as construction, technology, resources and sustainability management, creating work across multiple digital formats, including website and application development.

And while our client base remains predominantly Australian-based, our scope continues to extend beyond national borders. That includes adding the Juicebox Indonesia office in 2023, further fuelling an expansion across the APAC region. This growing global presence positions us to better support clients as they, too, grow into emerging markets internationally.

Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable finalists:

Mirah Investments by Juicebox

Categories: Construction | Medium Business

Through its meticulously crafted website, Mirah helps cultivate deep connections by understanding the distinct needs of two critical audiences: investors seeking dreams fulfilled and developers craving expertise and reliability.

With a map-based visualiser illuminating opportunities and expected ROI, users are empowered to explore with confidence, while branded elements infuse every interaction with purpose and direction. 

New Generations Homes by Juicebox

Categories: Construction | Large Business

New Generation Homes sets the bar high in the middle market for home builds, catering to a diverse clientele seeking contemporary living solutions. Their website serves as a digital haven, effortlessly blending style and substance to engage savvy homeowners, young professionals, and property investors alike.

Taking a mobile-first approach and with curated content reminiscent of interior design magazines, New Generation Homes fosters a profound emotional connection, guiding users towards their dream home with ease.

Liquidity by Juicebox 

Category: Technology 

The Liquidity investment platform connects investors and businesses to realise the potential of growth opportunities. Designed with the discerning investor in mind, Liquidity’s platform exudes sophistication and transparency, instilling trust while kindling curiosity.

With intuitive navigation and clear visuals, it bridges the gap between traditional finance and modern innovation, fostering a sense of empowerment and security among its user base.

WeAct by Juicebox 

Category: Medium Business 

WeAct embodies the essence of meaningful connection through its commitment to sustainability and transparency in the carbon market. As a pioneer in large-scale carbon projects, WeAct’s website serves as a gateway to understanding, demystifying complex concepts with clarity and accessibility.

By embracing innovative design elements and dynamic content, WeAct cultivates a community of stakeholders united by a shared vision of environmental stewardship and positive change.

Northern Star Mining Services by Juicebox 

Categories: Professional Services | Enterprise

Northern Star Mining Services shines brightly in the competitive realm of resource and mining industries, leveraging digital innovation to connect with the next generation of talent.

Through a visually captivating website that celebrates its heritage and culture, it showcases real stories from the field and offers insights into the company’s operations. Northern Star’s narrative of creating community and belonging lays the groundwork for meaningful connections that extend beyond the digital realm.

SEA Global by Juicebox 

Category: Technology

SEA Global fuses cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise in the subsea engineering sector. With a website redesigned to communicate its value proposition with clarity and impact, SEA Global strikes the delicate balance between technical complexity and user-friendly design. In doing so, it connects with their diverse audiences, from engineering collaborators to boardroom decision-makers, paving the way for transformative partnerships and collaborative endeavours.

Easystart Homes by Juicebox 

Categories: Construction | Large Business Category

Easystart, a sub-brand of Summit Homes, embodies the spirit of new beginnings and homeownership dreams. Adhering to existing brand guidelines while infusing the website with personality and flair, Easystart creates an immersive experience that resonates with first-home buyers.

From streamlined navigation to interactive features that inspire confidence and excitement, Easystart guides users towards their ‘Let’s do this’ moment with ease and enthusiasm, forging lasting connections along the journey to homeownership.

Meaningful connections start here

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, these projects exemplify the power of technology to foster genuine connections and drive positive impact. As finalists in the Australian Web Awards, they stand as testaments to the transformative power of web technology and its connect people and brands at scale.

These nominations speak volumes about our talented team in Australia and Indonesia, and a large part of each projects’ success relies on the trusted relationships established with client teams to collaborate effectively and realise these outcomes.

Well done to all involved and best of luck to all AWA 2024 entrants.