As a nationally-awarded digital marketing agency in Perth, we know that digital marketing is more than organic and paid content on social media. It starts with an audit of what’s working and what’s not, and then a solid strategy to identify the path that will get you the most impact.

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Here's how we can help your digital marketing needs

We want to market our business, but we don’t know which platforms we should be on?

The digital channels to conquer are growing, but you don’t have to be on every single one of them. We help you uncover what’s right for you, and more importantly, how to leverage each platform to your advantage.

We want to see results. How do you measure return on investment?

We’re as interested in your results – true, qualified leads or sales – as you are, not people looking for a job through your contact form. We’re all about metrics and will deliver you detailed reports to show how you’re tracking.

Can you help us with our SEO?

We sure can. But we’re open and honest about Search Engine Optimisation. It’s not for everyone, and we’re not going to recommend it if it won’t get real results for your business.

We’re looking for a long-term partnership with an agency that will help us grow.

Perfect! As a human-centric agency, we believe in creating meaningful relationships with our partners and we find these engagements are the most beneficial.

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Through our partnership, we’ll work together to:

  • 01 Understand your problem
  • 02 Determine long-term vision and short-term goals
  • 03 Define your target market
  • 04 Choose your digital channels
  • 05 Target your audience
  • 06 Create compelling messaging
  • 07 Launch digital marketing campaign
  • 08 Measure, optimise and test

Whether it’s SEO, email marketing, paid search or social media, our in-depth channel, activity and UX analysis quickly identifies where you can conquer online.

We look for real opportunities in the digital ecosystem. Who are we trying to attract, where do they live online and what will draw them in? Then we talk real results and success metrics.

Binar digital strategy

We went on a remarkable journey with Easi which explored all aspects of their brand, the customer's experience and their understanding of the product. Through a pivot in strategy and an end-to-end implementation of technology and automation, we've created once-hidden efficiencies that have made them a more robust and profitable business. That's always the best outcome, transforming a business on the top and bottom lines.

Scott Iriks, Easi